Thanks to long experience in motosport we project and produce high quality car parts. Our products have been incessantly tested for over 18 years at the public roads and Europe racecourse . It gives us assurance that every part with Trateo logo meets high quaity standards premium end of the market.

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We are manufacturing car parts in Europe and Asia. Wide range of the products need to arrange huge technical and production resources. Our european products comes from plants located in Poland, Turkey and Germany. Second half of them comes from Asia. Products from that part of the world are in accordance with hight quality control standards. Our company after designing the element controls production process even beside European Union. Those actions assure high quality of the products.

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The Trateo brand is the result of the work of hundreds of people, several years of trials and testing to meet the expectations of customers and specialists in the automotive industry. Built from scratch by enthusiasts for one purpose: creating high-quality products at a competitive price!
Each year the number of cars on the roads is increased. What comes with it is a constantly growing demand on car-parts. Trateo is a response to this demand.

We produce auto parts for vans: Ford Transit, Ford Connect, Ford Custom & Ford Curier - Ford's Transit iconic family. We are proud to offer an entire set of products, such as accessories, body parts, engine equipment, components of the cooling system, suspension parts, fuel systems; oil, fuel and air filters.

The first tests have already moved around in the 90s of the twentieth century. This was possible thanks to the cooperation with the services of Ford, courier companies and racing teams. The last ones checked elements of engine installation and parts of suspention system for us.

As a result, our products are available in online stores 12 European countries and the number is still growing!
High quality parts at competitive prices is Trateo brand!

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