Lighting Trateo Ltd.

Most drivers are not particularly interested in lighting in their car. A good opportunity to think a little bit about it is the damage to the bulbs and therefore need to be replaced. We never know when the bulb will be damaged and we are often doomed to exchange it, for example, at a petrol station. The average life of the standard H4 bulb is about 900 hours, and H7 - 550 hours. However, even with this knowledge, you never know when you will need replacement, because the life of the bulb also depends on the voltage in the electrical installation of lights and the number of starts.
In the Trateo Ltd. products, you can find complete lighting fixtures, both license plate lights and outline lamps and turn signals. Maintaining proper illumination of our vehicle can prevent unforeseen damage or burn out of the lamp and damage the lamp. Lighting also improves visibility not only for the driver, but also for other road users, the well-lit car is much more visible than the rest.